Lands of stone


The policy is here as a warning: to all those who would have a negative effect on the game - your behaviour will be punished.
Anyone caught breaking these rules will be subject to punishments such as prison time, being outlawed (and hunted), loss of experience, character deletion or site lockout.
Repeated lesser offences will often lead to heavier punishments.

------Punishable by lockout (not allowing you to log in again):
1. Crashing or attempting to crash the game.

------Punishable by dusting (your character deleted):
2. Exploiting bugs or system constraints. If you see anything that you think is a bug - report it by mudmailing a DM.
3. Multi-logging - having more than one character in the game at the same time.
4. Using storage characters - character's whose main function is to carry items for other characters have no place in the game. If you gain more than you can carry, sell it, or buy a home to store it in.
5. Botting - using triggers/settings to play a character for you as though it is a robot rather than contolling it yourself.
6. Using innapropriate, offensive or crude character names.

------Punishable by outlawing:
These are regarded as basic good manners which sadly a few people lack.
7. Trying to cause other players to die to a creature.
You may not:
a. Drag monsters, especially aggressive ones, to places they do not belong.
b. Spam other players by emote or talk etc repeatedly to prevent them from seeing what they are doing.
c. Attacking a player whilst they are in combat, or healing their enemy have been made impossible. Any similar interferences are not tolerated.
8. Drop stealing. Picking up things dropped by a monster which another player has just killed and you have not earned, is not allowed.
9. Using foul language/being offensive. Broadcasted offensiveness and foul language is not tolerated, nor is player harassment.
10. Buying or selling quest items (items for which you gain experience) is not permitted. It compromises the value of the quest and the integrity of the guilds who require you to do quests to level. Experience has to be earned, not bought.

11. Consented pkilling between clans - where one player agrees to have his character clan-killed repeatedly in order for another to gain experience will be punished by a minimum of deleting the character being killed and removing a guessed amount of experience from the other. Both clans will also suffer a loss of status.
12. Sharing characters. Sharing is strongly discouraged, read 'help sharing'.


In this phase of the muds life, the main focus of the staff is to develop the game database and the engine. The aim of this is to tRy to provide an enjoyable environment in which you may play. Later on the intention is to interact more, providing ad-hoc quests and other such interesting events. We are always open to problems though, if something comes up please get in contact. Do help staff to see who to speak with and be assured that we will try and respond to queries, though if busy the answers may not be quick in coming.
If your character dies as a result of the illegal actions of another player, you will _not_ be reimbursed for the loss. However, it is in your best interest to report the crime so that we can assess the required punishment.
Finally, if you are not satisfied with the decision of a particular staff member, you may appeal to a DM via mudmail, however it is very rare that the decision of staff is reversed and the decision of a DM is final.

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