Lands of stone


Back in the mists of ancient time when civilisation first arose on Lands Of Stone, magic was much more plentiful and easily attainable. The early races built mighty empires, built upon the foundations of this powerful magic. Life was easy, all needs fulfilled, and the only suffering was caused by the peoples themselves.
As populations swelled, new lands were conquered and the empires spread, until the entire planet was completely covered. Even the most inhospitable terrain was transformed by their arcane arts, and significant, but only partially successful, efforts were made in finding ways to other worlds.
Eventually there was the inevitable confrontation, escalating into a huge war that devastated the entire planet. Whole continents were rendered uninhabitable by the magical fallout, and those few that survived were driven driven back to a quality of life of animals. The races today are all mutations of the two great races that almost destroyed the entire planet.

Four thousand years ago
Current written history extends back about four thousand years, when civilisations starting reforming again. Life is no longer so easy, large areas of the planet are still extremely hostile to life with raw uncontrollable magical areas creating new monsters almost continuously. The magic that is in these areas is chaotic and uncontrollable. In other areas magic is still attainable, but no longer with the ease that created the plentiful societies of pre-history. It now requires years of training to learn to tap the arcane arts, and there are many more limits on the ability of the caster.

Two Hundred Years Ago to Present
Dapetan was rediscovered about 200 years ago, during the new exodus of expansion behind the current civilisation. Initial surveys were disappointing, as it appeared that this was yet another dead and inhospitable land, but eventually the dogged determination caused by the desire for wealth, caused an area to be found on the west coast that was marginally habitable. The search was on, many flocked to Dapetan for the promised riches. Explorers searched for relics and ruins of the ancients, dwarves came to find untapped veins of metal, soldiers and mercenaries came to protect and conquer the inhabitable parts of Dapetan.
The northern parts of the continent proved unreachable, as the land had been split asunder, and mile high cliffs surround an enormous plateau.
The only port of safe landing is formed by a natural bay on the south of the colony, flush against the border of the magical wastelands. A heavily fortified town has developed here, to cater for the business of import and export, but the area is not readily hospitable to developing a colony. The initial commercial successes were by the dwarves in the mountains to the east, finding massive reserves of metal ores, and this directed the formation of the rest of the colony. Coral developed as the mining town in the foothills of the Eastern ranges. Amber developed at the bridge over the Amberwyne, and at such an important traffic nexus developed into a mighty trading town. Amethyst formed in the north near the swamplands which were being reclaimed into very fertile agricultural lands. The roadway from Amber to Coral was always problematical, weaving its way through treacherous terrain, but when the Gnoll attacks reached their peak 100 years ago the route was abandoned in favour of a less direct road via Amethyst and use of barges down the river. This resulted in trade disappearing from Amber and shifting to Amethyst, and so the colonies jewel disintegrated, even though it hosts the magnificent Carduis cathedral.

You have arrived as an intrepid adventurer seeking your fortunes in the fresh lands of Dapetan, and have been transported away from dangerous port area up to Amethyst for your immigration procedures.
Good luck!

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